Cessna Stops the Production of Skyhawk JT-A

Posted on June 29, 2018 Michael Jones Cessna Aircraft

The Diesel Powered Cessna Skyhawk JT-A was a certified a year ago and now Textron Aviation has discreetly discontinued the production of it, even though initially it was believed to be a powerful contender for intercontinental flight schools working in locations where the price or availability of avgas made it an apparently reasonable choice. Textron Aviation Inc did not provide a clear reason for this decision, which came after the current discontinuation of the Cessna TTX high – performance single. Moreover, Skylane JT-A was an abandoned project, as the diesel model never entered production.

Skyhawk earned its FAA and EASA certification documentation in June 2017, has been removed from the Cessna Aircraft manufacturer website. The JT-A prototype was under engine maker Continental’s STC approval, and customers can still select that route if they would like to transfigure a Skyhawk to the CD-155 diesel engine after taking delivery. Cessna has been aiming to provide Jet-A powered piston singles starting 10 years ago, when it arranged to initiate a variant of the Skyhawk powered by a Thielert engine. Subsequently, the company filled bankruptcy and as a result Continental Motors acquired its assets in 2013.

In 2012, Cessna Aircraft inaugurated a prototype Skylane supplied by an SMA diesel engine, but the official documents delay caused the annulation of the program in 2015. Cost appears to be the predominant element in steady sales to the diesel Skyhawk and eventually led to its disintegration. After Cessna decided to stop its production of diesel aircraft, there are two principal opponents in the industry: Piper and Diamond Aircraft, which offer diverse compression – ignition engine models. On the international training market scale, the Piper Archer DX and Diamond DA40 NG are the organizations’ entry level diesel model.

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