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Usaf NSN Parts List

Are you looking for UHK31282-1, UHK43543, UHK12089-1, UPA17000-1, UPB41401-1 from Usaf? Purchasing Efficiency, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the largest inventory of new and obsolete NSN parts in the industry. Our customers can easily find everything on their Bill of Materials using our online search engines.
ASAP is committed to quality assurance and are the only independent distributor of Usaf with a No China Sourcing pledge. This means our customers can trust us to provide premium and reliable parts, as well as dedicated account managers that deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues. If you’d like to source a part number as soon as possible, fill out the request for quote form we can begin. 

CAGE Code: 36GT9

Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
UHK31282-1 drag bracelanding gear 1620-01-685-8785 Avl RFQ
UHK43543 panelstructuralaircraft 1560-01-685-9725 Avl RFQ
UHK12089-1 platemounting 5340-01-685-7467 Avl RFQ
UPA17000-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-685-7714 Avl RFQ
UPB41401-1 engine block assemblygasoline 2810-01-686-4294 Avl RFQ
UPA94500-3 cable assemblyspecial purposee 5995-01-686-4009 Avl RFQ
UHK81285-1 ballastaircraft 1680-01-686-1483 Avl RFQ
UHK21814-1 fuselage section 1560-01-685-8755 Avl RFQ
UXP95285-1 antenna subassembly 5985-01-686-1610 Avl RFQ
UPA13450-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-685-7717 Avl RFQ
UPB95675-1 traymountingelectronic equipme 5975-01-686-4291 Avl RFQ
UHK43179-1 tube assemblymetal 4710-01-685-8742 Avl RFQ
UHK17250-1 antenna 5985-01-685-8529 Avl RFQ
UPB41400-1 engine block assemblygasoline 2810-01-686-4297 Avl RFQ
UHK81273-1 ballastaircraft 1680-01-686-1251 Avl RFQ
UHK81291-1 ballastaircraft 1680-01-685-7488 Avl RFQ
UHK31282-2 drag bracelanding gear 1620-01-685-8786 Avl RFQ
UHK22357-1 wing assemblyaircraft 1560-01-685-8767 Avl RFQ
UHK43380-1 filler neckaircraft components 1680-01-685-9089 Avl RFQ
UPA95168-7 cable assemblypowerelectrical 5995-01-686-4003 Avl RFQ
UHK43542-1 panelstructuralaircraft 1560-01-685-9723 Avl RFQ
UHK31284-2 drag linklanding gear 1620-01-685-9086 Avl RFQ
UHK43544-1 panelstructuralaircraft 1560-01-685-7715 Avl RFQ
UHK22058-1 wing assemblyaircraft 1560-01-685-8768 Avl RFQ
UXP95851-3 cable assemblyspecial purposee 5995-01-686-4287 Avl RFQ
UHK22057-1 wing assemblyaircraft 1560-01-685-8754 Avl RFQ
UHK43539-1 panelstructuralaircraft 1560-01-685-9721 Avl RFQ
UHK81280-1 ballastaircraft 1680-01-686-1250 Avl RFQ
UHK31750-1 landing gearretractable 1620-01-685-9090 Avl RFQ
UHK78663-1 cable assemblyspecial purposee 5995-01-685-7487 Avl RFQ
UHK43229-1 valvefuel manifold 2915-01-685-8743 Avl RFQ
UHK21445-1 cowling 1560-01-685-8530 Avl RFQ
UPB44031-1 hoseair duct 4720-01-686-4293 Avl RFQ
UHK21810-1 fuselage section 1560-01-685-8525 Avl RFQ
UHK22358-1 wing assemblyaircraft 1560-01-685-8735 Avl RFQ
UPB13340-1 traymountingelectronic equipme 5975-01-686-4305 Avl RFQ
UHK41250-1 truss assemblyaircraft 1560-01-685-8738 Avl RFQ
UPA94501-1 cable assemblyspecial purposee 5995-01-686-4004 Avl RFQ
UHK81127-1 supportstructural componentair 1560-01-685-7484 Avl RFQ
UHK43178-1 tube assemblymetal 4710-01-685-8740 Avl RFQ
UPA13425 circuit card assembly 5998-01-686-1480 Avl RFQ

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