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Schweizer Aircraft Corp NSN Parts List

Are you looking for 269A8139-11, 269A5487, 269A1333-15, 269A5050-061, 269A7360-008 from Schweizer Aircraft Corp? Purchasing Efficiency, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the largest inventory of new and obsolete NSN parts in the industry. Our customers can easily find everything on their Bill of Materials using our online search engines.
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CAGE Code: 78103

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
269A8139-11 duct carburetor air 1560-01-479-3427 Avl RFQ
269A5487 gasket 5330-01-493-2352 Avl RFQ
269A1333-15 plate assembly airc 1615-01-563-0672 Avl RFQ
269A5050-061 ball bearing 3110-01-493-1924 Avl RFQ
269A7360-008 pedal control 1680-01-492-8276 Avl RFQ
269T3330-3 inst tool spline hu 5110-01-488-3939 Avl RFQ
269T3320 holding tool pulley 5110-01-487-3468 Avl RFQ
269A5175-037 gearbox assembly aircraft 1680-01-493-2341 Avl RFQ
65205-08034-043 fairing aircraft 1560-00-111-1623 Avl RFQ
269A5505-15 upper pulley assemb 1680-01-563-0651 Avl RFQ
40B5812-007 bracket alternator 1680-01-563-0695 Avl RFQ
269A8206-61 manifold intake 2815-01-492-9319 Avl RFQ
269A4722-5 wheel assembly aircraft 1630-01-513-2114 Avl RFQ
269A7290 retainer packing 5330-01-492-8265 Avl RFQ
40B4032-001 fuel bladder forwar 1560-01-563-0669 Avl RFQ
269A7341-005 bracket mounting 5340-01-492-8272 Avl RFQ
269T9231 wrench impact manual 5120-01-488-3930 Avl RFQ
SST-2S black tie strap air 5975-01-563-0718 Avl RFQ
269A8597 bracket structural component air 1560-01-492-8321 Avl RFQ
40B7110-002 landing gear skid 1680-01-673-3746 Avl RFQ
269A5051-2 ball bearing 3110-01-492-7400 Avl RFQ
269A4789-003 switch engine starter electrical 2925-01-492-9863 Avl RFQ
269A5590-9 cable assembly airc 6150-01-492-9117 Avl RFQ
269A9942 rod assembly cover aircraft 1560-01-492-8332 Avl RFQ
269A5016 support structural component air 1560-01-492-9871 Avl RFQ
40B5812-023 nrp shim a428 5365-01-610-1915 Avl RFQ
40B3326-093 hingedooraircraft 1560-01-677-1569 Avl RFQ
269D1329-3 ring droopstop 1560-01-602-6220 Avl RFQ
269A6092 bolt machine 5306-01-479-0405 Avl RFQ
269A2331 block damper tailbo 2840-01-513-2111 Avl RFQ
269A2017-3 fitting structural component air 1560-01-492-9500 Avl RFQ
40B3243-001 stemfluid valve 4820-01-667-5633 Avl RFQ
40B5820-003 bracketstructural componentair 1560-01-674-4439 Avl RFQ
269A6063-007 seal tailrotor gear box 5330-01-215-4793 Avl RFQ
269A2335 carriage plate assembly 1680-01-677-5286 Avl RFQ
269A4646 249 label 7690-01-492-8873 Avl RFQ
269A5050-064 ball bearing 3110-01-493-1926 Avl RFQ
269A4037 boot aircraft components 1650-01-492-8931 Avl RFQ
269A3238-15 stabilizer assembly 1615-01-513-2112 Avl RFQ
269D4117-063 platestructuralaircraft 1560-01-682-9017 Avl RFQ
269A3120-6 landing gear retractable 1620-01-492-8911 Avl RFQ
SST-4S TY528M strapspecial 5340-01-673-1425 Avl RFQ
269A3120-8 landing gear retractable 1620-01-492-8915 Avl RFQ
269A2303-023 clamp assembly retaining 5340-01-492-7391 Avl RFQ
269A6095-3 washer flat 5310-01-479-0411 Avl RFQ
269A5051-019 cone tapered roller bearing 3110-01-492-7399 Avl RFQ
269A4598-003 valve fuel manifold 2915-01-492-8592 Avl RFQ
269A5129 cover special 1680-01-493-1884 Avl RFQ
269A5050-030 ball bearing 3110-01-493-1917 Avl RFQ
269A2275-026 windshield assembly aircraft 1560-01-492-7380 Avl RFQ
269D5506-001 nrp pulley assy bal 1680-01-618-7755 Avl RFQ
40A5505-013 pulley assembly low 1680-01-563-0768 Avl RFQ
269A5512-011 v belt main trans a 3030-01-563-0829 Avl RFQ
269A2321-007T bulkhead aircraft 1560-01-492-7394 Avl RFQ
AN960-416 washer flat 5310-00-141-1795 Avl RFQ
269A5102 shim 5365-01-513-2115 Avl RFQ
269A6107 boot nonrotating 1560-01-599-2515 Avl RFQ
269A9951 tube metallic 4710-01-492-8338 Avl RFQ
269A7214-007 disk valve 1660-01-493-5594 Avl RFQ
269A8327 147 hose assembly set nonmetallic 4720-01-493-1878 Avl RFQ
269A7341-5 bracket mounting 5340-01-492-8272 Avl RFQ
269A1310-5 boot aircraft components 1650-01-513-2108 Avl RFQ
269D5319-001 nut aircraft materi 5310-01-563-0824 Avl RFQ
269A7363-1 control assembly quadrant 1680-01-492-9302 Avl RFQ
269A1338-11 gage pitch link air 5220-01-567-1246 Avl RFQ
269A7168 spring assortment 5360-01-493-5628 Avl RFQ
269A1311-801 nrp arm assy upper 1680-01-606-3599 Avl RFQ
269A6091-005 nrp pitch link assy 1560-01-592-4575 Avl RFQ
269T9239 remover bearing and bushing 5120-01-488-8304 Avl RFQ
269A4683 cable special purpose electrical 6145-01-479-0412 Avl RFQ

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