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Are you looking for 23091503, 23052656, 23053909-3, 23061589, NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE1107C ENGINE from Rolls Royce Corp? Purchasing Efficiency, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the largest inventory of new and obsolete NSN parts in the industry. Our customers can easily find everything on their Bill of Materials using our online search engines.
ASAP is committed to quality assurance and are the only independent distributor of Rolls Royce Corp with a No China Sourcing pledge. This means our customers can trust us to provide premium and reliable parts, as well as dedicated account managers that deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues. If you’d like to source a part number as soon as possible, fill out the request for quote form we can begin. 

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
23091503 blanket insulation 2840-01-463-8657 Avl RFQ
23052656 bracket as aircraft 2840-01-497-3911 Avl RFQ
23053909-3 bushing blank 5365-01-497-3833 Avl RFQ
23061589 sensor differential 2990-01-463-8955 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE tube assy scav oil 4710-01-463-8840 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE sleeve lanyard crim 5940-01-467-6508 Avl RFQ
23063463 tube assy scav oil 4710-01-463-8837 Avl RFQ
23061375 tube assy fuel flow 2840-01-473-6633 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE fuel pump meterin a 2910-01-463-9800 Avl RFQ
23037873-13 nrp clamp loop sing 5340-01-615-9018 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bolt aircraft mater 5306-01-497-6364 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE packing preformed a 5331-01-463-8773 Avl RFQ
666000562 brush assembly 2840-01-533-9593 Avl RFQ
EU80888 spacer ring 5365-00-192-1370 Avl RFQ
23063009 sensor resistive t 2990-01-464-0665 Avl RFQ
23053924 bolt aircraft mater 5306-01-497-3977 Avl RFQ
MS9697-08 bolt mach 12 pt hd 5306-01-463-8910 Avl RFQ
23064823 support assembly fu 1560-01-467-6522 Avl RFQ
AS3085-119 packing preformed a 5330-01-463-8736 Avl RFQ
AK890 pump fuel metering and distributing 2915-01-277-3554 Avl RFQ
23053839 pin aircraft materi 2840-01-497-3974 Avl RFQ
P340341 marker sleeve aircr 2840-01-497-8346 Avl RFQ
AS3209-111 packing preformed a 5331-01-463-8894 Avl RFQ
697039243 busbar assembly 2840-01-535-0891 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bolt mach 12 pt hd 5306-01-463-8910 Avl RFQ
23085683 tube assy press oi 3040-01-616-5394 Avl RFQ
697039261 crosshead yoke assy 2840-01-497-8459 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bracket assy harn s 5340-01-463-8939 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE coupling v retainer 5342-01-463-8916 Avl RFQ
SP41C tabwasher aircraft 2840-01-497-8468 Avl RFQ
666000401 inboard bearing ass 2840-01-497-8440 Avl RFQ
697053003 pitch control unit 2840-01-497-8261 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bearing aircraft ma 3120-01-470-1501 Avl RFQ
6870326-6 nut self locking 12 2840-01-463-8642 Avl RFQ
MS122911 clamp loop type sup 5340-01-463-8907 Avl RFQ
89-6382 cover oil tank airc 2990-01-463-8743 Avl RFQ
18D8202-2 adpt hose purifier 4710-01-517-1783 Avl RFQ
MS9203-014 gasket 5330-01-497-4185 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bolt machine 5306-01-465-1936 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE packing preformed a 5330-01-463-8859 Avl RFQ
AN125459 rivet aircraft mate 5320-01-497-3919 Avl RFQ
697039250 terminal assy aircr 2840-01-497-8458 Avl RFQ
23068876 tube as aircraft ma 2840-01-497-4075 Avl RFQ
AS3582-132 packing preformed a 5331-01-463-8813 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE bushing straight af 5365-01-512-5434 Avl RFQ
NA5707-1 fitting lubrication 4730-01-284-6122 Avl RFQ
23085137 electronic components assembly 5998-01-544-0885 Avl RFQ
23090048 fuel nozzle aircraf 2915-01-564-8259 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE tube assy fuel flow 2840-01-473-6633 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE gasket metal aircra 5330-01-463-8836 Avl RFQ
23075046 tube assembly aircraft engine 2915-01-497-3782 Avl RFQ
23052738 screen assy oil sca 2810-01-473-6631 Avl RFQ
D38999-28-09K nut plain hexagon 5310-01-497-4158 Avl RFQ
AS3209-112 o ring 5331-01-497-4140 Avl RFQ
697040205 counterweight arm a 2840-01-497-8483 Avl RFQ
697040622 sealplain encased 5330-01-698-0603 Avl RFQ
23087603 shaft assy torqueme 2840-01-477-1239 Avl RFQ
MS9733-08 bolt mach 12 pt hd 5306-01-463-8910 Avl RFQ
NAS1149C0932R washer flat 5310-01-497-3985 Avl RFQ
23061352 harness assy wirin 6150-01-463-8872 Avl RFQ
6820074 disc plain compress 2840-01-497-3868 Avl RFQ
P900281 receptacle sleeve b 1680-01-619-7719 Avl RFQ
23058978 tube assembly aircraft engine 2915-01-497-3749 Avl RFQ
23052739 cover oil drain air 2990-01-473-6673 Avl RFQ
23035939 spring aircraft mat 2840-01-497-3886 Avl RFQ
SPE317010 screw machine 5305-01-381-3647 Avl RFQ
23062287 tube assy vent ctr 4710-01-463-8876 Avl RFQ
416-1323 cap adapter assy 2840-01-534-3886 Avl RFQ
MS9391-09 clamp aircraft mate 2840-01-497-4202 Avl RFQ
NSN SPECIFIC V-22 AE housing assembly ch 2995-01-463-8742 Avl RFQ

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