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Raytheon Company NSN Parts List

Are you looking for 899722-01, 410978-38, L2088250-155, 4171402-210, R379135-01 from Raytheon Company? Purchasing Efficiency, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the largest inventory of new and obsolete NSN parts in the industry. Our customers can easily find everything on their Bill of Materials using our online search engines.
ASAP is committed to quality assurance and are the only independent distributor of Raytheon Company with a No China Sourcing pledge. This means our customers can trust us to provide premium and reliable parts, as well as dedicated account managers that deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues. If you’d like to source a part number as soon as possible, fill out the request for quote form we can begin. 

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
899722-01 microcircuit digita 5962-01-206-2770 Avl RFQ
410978-38 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-438-3580 Avl RFQ
L2088250-155 resistor fixed composition 5905-00-800-3481 Avl RFQ
4171402-210 resistor fixed film 5905-00-913-2945 Avl RFQ
R379135-01 bracket mounting 5340-01-515-6204 Avl RFQ
1041026 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-370-6011 Avl RFQ
R478040-01 pedestal antenna 5985-01-518-8728 Avl RFQ
MIS-20065 2-010 connector plug electrical 5935-01-302-9638 Avl RFQ
626498-322 connector assembly fiber optic 6060-01-412-4832 Avl RFQ
4657396 circuit card assembly 5998-01-249-8819 Avl RFQ
A233481-1 receptacle turnlock fastener 5325-00-505-4798 Avl RFQ
5186715 cable assembly power electrical 5995-01-196-8234 Avl RFQ
1655093-100 circuit card assembly 5998-01-100-5040 Avl RFQ
713855-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-027-1780 Avl RFQ
481-200160 wiring harness branched 6150-01-244-3793 Avl RFQ
523730-2 transformer radio f 5950-00-912-7702 Avl RFQ
5253-937 resistor assembly 5905-01-201-0109 Avl RFQ
531512-139 resistor fixed film 5905-00-419-5264 Avl RFQ
2068148-0707 resistor variable w 5905-00-781-8801 Avl RFQ
A106068-1A coil radio frequency 5950-00-229-5033 Avl RFQ
819480-1 switch electronic 5930-01-100-2378 Avl RFQ
10-00279-183 resistor fixed composition 5905-01-307-1289 Avl RFQ
08-00801-001 transformer radio frequency 5950-00-255-1919 Avl RFQ
2901487-1 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-257-0133 Avl RFQ
725903-2 microcircuit digita 5962-01-294-6728 Avl RFQ
254335 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-00-361-7070 Avl RFQ
G311462-1 microcircuit digita 5962-01-252-4833 Avl RFQ
G452160-2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-330-7928 Avl RFQ
779936-1 reactor 5950-01-084-6627 Avl RFQ
49956 semiconductor device diode 5961-00-264-1027 Avl RFQ
918356-1C catch flush 5340-00-704-0775 Avl RFQ
418860-38 circuit breaker 5925-01-037-0466 Avl RFQ
214MS004P001 bolt assembly clamp 5340-00-627-4059 Avl RFQ
3493385-3 microcircuit memory 5962-01-138-8147 Avl RFQ
180-039 connector receptacl 5935-00-067-5522 Avl RFQ
209357-802 electronic components assembly 5998-00-283-3872 Avl RFQ
403811-1 connector receptacl 5935-00-027-9832 Avl RFQ
335219-1638 band marker 9905-01-144-0490 Avl RFQ
YC341-1041G4 waveguide assembly 5985-00-561-6274 Avl RFQ
808864-2 microcircuit digita 5962-01-280-1453 Avl RFQ
656225 screw machine 5305-01-369-8059 Avl RFQ
2278151 display optoelectronic 5980-01-582-8565 Avl RFQ
5032996-2 restrictor fluid flow 4730-01-327-5283 Avl RFQ
960030-1C resistor variable n 5905-01-017-4888 Avl RFQ
88-5205P1 spring 5360-00-312-9098 Avl RFQ
11453981-22 cable assembly radi 5995-01-091-6669 Avl RFQ
928470 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-233-3355 Avl RFQ
5100-550 push button 5930-01-243-8295 Avl RFQ
777849-801 coupling waveguide 5985-00-080-8623 Avl RFQ
1040655 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-326-3037 Avl RFQ
686658-1 cover access 5340-00-163-5335 Avl RFQ
41100 microcircuit memory 5962-01-171-7646 Avl RFQ
2439616-1 plate retaining bearing 3110-01-256-1884 Avl RFQ
G134116-1 antenna support group 5985-01-185-6357 Avl RFQ
410287-2 gearcase motor 3010-00-935-2550 Avl RFQ
322-1115P3 rectifier metallic 6130-00-706-6619 Avl RFQ
MIS 19837 75 microcircuit digital 5962-01-229-9938 Avl RFQ
4171402-264 resistor fixed film 5905-00-779-1932 Avl RFQ
4067420-0501 backplane assembly 5998-01-426-4142 Avl RFQ
3334138 tube assembly metal 4710-01-075-5106 Avl RFQ
891033-1 housing electronic components 5999-01-329-8546 Avl RFQ
3021654 electronic components assembly 5998-00-989-6615 Avl RFQ
3366180-3 weight counterbalance 3040-01-236-1506 Avl RFQ
724507-1 capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-069-9715 Avl RFQ
4033399-0039 microcircuit digital 5962-00-528-7038 Avl RFQ
375-2240G23 coil radio frequenc 5950-00-480-4236 Avl RFQ
367946G1 filter radio freque 5915-00-501-2188 Avl RFQ
837728-13 clevis rod end 5340-01-429-1063 Avl RFQ
914421-1 bracket angle 5340-01-210-7970 Avl RFQ
594005-7 microcircuit digita 5962-00-428-8051 Avl RFQ

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