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Honeywell Aerospatiale Inc NSN Parts List

Are you looking for 266322, AML21GBA2BD, 71-74720-293, 2525468, 3244147 from Honeywell Aerospatiale Inc? Purchasing Efficiency, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the largest inventory of new and obsolete NSN parts in the industry. Our customers can easily find everything on their Bill of Materials using our online search engines.
ASAP is committed to quality assurance and are the only independent distributor of Honeywell Aerospatiale Inc with a No China Sourcing pledge. This means our customers can trust us to provide premium and reliable parts, as well as dedicated account managers that deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues. If you’d like to source a part number as soon as possible, fill out the request for quote form we can begin. 

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
266322 lever hand brake 2530-00-626-4303 Avl RFQ
AML21GBA2BD switch push 5930-01-114-9877 Avl RFQ
71-74720-293 connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-957-2883 Avl RFQ
2525468 bearing ball annula 3110-01-160-0370 Avl RFQ
3244147 bellows pressure 3010-00-494-2344 Avl RFQ
2845T049 pin shoulder headless 5315-99-450-3169 Avl RFQ
1TL1-3 switch toggle 5930-00-683-1629 Avl RFQ
PC6199-4 gasket 5330-00-487-7346 Avl RFQ
L8535804 valve and housing a 1615-00-110-3117 Avl RFQ
AED33241-1 relay electromagnet 5945-00-236-2341 Avl RFQ
893578-24 stud plain 5307-01-392-4650 Avl RFQ
AED27528-4 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-00-411-5500 Avl RFQ
10-37147-32 cap electrical 5999-00-412-5769 Avl RFQ
AED27302-1 lamp incandescent 6240-00-119-4182 Avl RFQ
3244112 bellows assy damped 2915-00-494-2343 Avl RFQ
L8602856-1 heat exchanger air to air aircra 1660-01-444-6978 Avl RFQ
262204 washer flat 5310-00-359-1040 Avl RFQ
11SM22 switch sensitive 5930-00-864-5167 Avl RFQ
2561521 gage elbow setting 5210-01-155-8323 Avl RFQ
L8530250 body valve 4820-01-317-4655 Avl RFQ
005002156 o ring 5331-00-108-5691 Avl RFQ
3240727 plug pin assembly 2915-01-035-7042 Avl RFQ
L8600303 cooler lubricating oil engine 2930-01-163-8153 Avl RFQ
25299927 filter element fluid 2915-00-106-7678 Avl RFQ
2529554 clamp governor 2915-00-488-3809 Avl RFQ
2523631 bellows pressure fu 2915-01-028-0084 Avl RFQ
71-74720-29H connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-957-2863 Avl RFQ
L8515664 plate identificatio 9905-00-445-0373 Avl RFQ
AED28050-1 bearing ball annula 3110-00-676-8646 Avl RFQ
WU322703 brake shoe 2530-01-174-4104 Avl RFQ
2529655 cover assembly bypass 2915-00-762-5918 Avl RFQ
4043K060 cap retention pressure plug 4730-99-477-1419 Avl RFQ
PC36781-1 transformer power 5950-00-646-1195 Avl RFQ
BZ-2RW822-A2 switch sensitive 5930-00-202-0878 Avl RFQ
8529462 spring helical compression 5360-00-822-3736 Avl RFQ
L8742231 heat exchanger air to air aircra 1660-01-140-1976 Avl RFQ
2561524 socket special 5120-01-155-8324 Avl RFQ
2529615 cover housing 2915-00-488-3791 Avl RFQ
1EN38-6 switch sensitive 5930-00-832-4202 Avl RFQ
3240330 union special 4730-01-029-5311 Avl RFQ
2529653 setscrew 5305-00-239-7429 Avl RFQ
522251 hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-00-212-6948 Avl RFQ
DSQ202 switch push 5930-01-217-5861 Avl RFQ
2525464 bearing assy 2915-00-489-8802 Avl RFQ
B262205 ring retaining 5325-00-737-6725 Avl RFQ
2524380-15 fuel control main turbine engine 2915-21-920-9605 Avl RFQ
3G10F switch push 5930-01-021-9011 Avl RFQ
1SE2510JE1 switch 5930-00-470-1554 Avl RFQ
B262158 diaphragm plate and chamber asse 2530-00-459-6109 Avl RFQ
2526307 housing assy 2915-00-488-3795 Avl RFQ
3240519 valve metering 2915-01-029-5308 Avl RFQ
COM 7217 screw cap socket he 5305-00-788-5487 Avl RFQ
4043K018 cap special 4730-99-583-0765 Avl RFQ
49E19-75-SB01 radiatorengine coolant 2930-01-689-8232 Avl RFQ
1532363-1 lead assembly electrical 5995-01-003-7878 Avl RFQ
262189 washer recessed 5310-00-737-6752 Avl RFQ
21SX39T switch sensitive 5930-00-401-2471 Avl RFQ
8529935 cooler lubricating oil engine 2935-00-887-4267 Avl RFQ
210468 spring helical comp 5360-00-246-7012 Avl RFQ
0052 semiconductor device diode 5961-00-822-0188 Avl RFQ
L-8537653 cooler lubricating oil engine 2935-00-250-6602 Avl RFQ
B266701 bearing sleeve 3120-00-769-7430 Avl RFQ
2529616 screw adjusting 5305-00-488-3792 Avl RFQ
51-00485 screw cap hexagon head 5305-12-142-8231 Avl RFQ
L8525456 plug machine thread 5365-00-651-5605 Avl RFQ
3240394 cam control 3040-01-029-5416 Avl RFQ
709088-1 screw externally re 5305-00-095-8735 Avl RFQ
3244739-1 valve regulating fuel pressure a 2915-01-029-5319 Avl RFQ
350873B parts kit fuel control 2915-01-029-5309 Avl RFQ
B262162 diaphragm actuator valve special 4820-00-737-6682 Avl RFQ

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