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CAGE Code: 58828

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Part Number Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
649-393-215-0 o ring 5331-00-166-8404 Avl RFQ
9988M52G01 bracket angle 5340-01-180-7180 Avl RFQ
2028M21P02 feedback coupling 5340-01-577-2002 Avl RFQ
P256G02 vane fan aircraft gas turbine en 2840-01-598-7412 Avl RFQ
J814P010A bolt close toleranc 5306-01-191-7253 Avl RFQ
1527M96P05 insulation blanket thermal nonai 2835-01-269-4127 Avl RFQ
305 336 001 0 bracket angle 5340-01-180-7172 Avl RFQ
305-390-706-0 nozzle segment turbine aircraft 2840-01-341-0050 Avl RFQ
9992M65G12 shroud segment turb 2840-01-263-3318 Avl RFQ
649-602-132-0 screw machine 5305-01-474-9187 Avl RFQ
9236M60G03 tube assembly metal branched 4710-01-185-3830 Avl RFQ
649-781-841-0 boltmachine 5306-01-696-7943 Avl RFQ
9523M63G01 aircraft gas turbine engine turbine nozzle support 2840-01-187-3054 Avl RFQ
7044M32P01 cap valve 2840-01-203-7081 Avl RFQ
649-602-412-0 nut self locking hexagon 5310-01-210-2040 Avl RFQ
1527M98P02 insulation blanket thermal aircr 2840-01-605-9330 Avl RFQ
301-286-912-0 tube pressurized 4710-01-184-8981 Avl RFQ
SLW40227M035 washer flat 5310-01-200-7337 Avl RFQ
305-327-205-0 bracket assembly 5342-01-184-8162 Avl RFQ
2102M30P06 pin straight headed 5315-01-561-8166 Avl RFQ
305-809-201-0 bushing sleeve 3120-01-285-2818 Avl RFQ
9997M76G06 seal air aircraft gas turbine en 2840-01-187-3050 Avl RFQ
320-507-401-0 ring 5365-01-211-7288 Avl RFQ
305-771-601-0 seal nonmetallic special shaped 5330-01-613-1928 Avl RFQ
1272M92G01 bracket 5342-01-175-9197 Avl RFQ
305-431-204-0 tube assembly metal 4710-01-322-7251 Avl RFQ
649-784-527-0 nut self locking ca 5310-01-525-9797 Avl RFQ
7112M41P01 bracket mounting 5340-01-181-9651 Avl RFQ
9502M69G01 bracket angle 5340-01-181-9723 Avl RFQ
305-334-903-0 tube 4710-01-231-6868 Avl RFQ
301-331-124-0 disk turbine aircraft gas turbin 2840-01-185-6489 Avl RFQ
305-408-603-0 fairing fan aircraft gas turbine 2840-01-199-1541 Avl RFQ
856A1011G11 protractor mechanics plain 5210-01-327-2494 Avl RFQ
7044M18P04 ball 2840-01-393-1971 Avl RFQ
1285M96G06 nozzle segment turbine aircraft 2840-01-253-1391 Avl RFQ
335-311-205-0 ring special 5330-01-642-4813 Avl RFQ
1493M63G02 chamber combustion aircraft gas 2840-01-242-8336 Avl RFQ
340-085-103-0 insulation acoustical aircraft 1560-01-594-3914 Avl RFQ
301-482-918-0 gearshaft spur 3040-01-183-8950 Avl RFQ
301-566-608-6 mount gearbox 2840-01-187-8166 Avl RFQ
335-218-401-0 clamp block 5340-01-325-4037 Avl RFQ
9978M92G17 nozzle turbine aircraft gas turb 2840-01-211-7849 Avl RFQ
5256-408 body assembly valve 2915-01-196-4315 Avl RFQ
5047M47G01 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-246-8675 Avl RFQ
305-285-701-6 seal nonmetallic round section 5330-01-343-4654 Avl RFQ
9995M27G20 case and nozzle assembly turbine 2840-01-502-6780 Avl RFQ
301-566-807-0 bolt machine 5306-01-182-5807 Avl RFQ
9514M68P01-2A seal air aircraft gas turbine en 2840-01-475-1997 Avl RFQ
301-572-410-0 spacer assembly pump 2840-01-190-6875 Avl RFQ
9993M75G15 nozzle segment turbine aircraft 2840-01-253-1391 Avl RFQ
305-098-405-0 seal ring labyrinth aircraft gas 2840-01-187-3027 Avl RFQ
1499M73P02 spacer straight 5365-01-393-2596 Avl RFQ
1754M62P01 liner valve s9 air 2840-01-393-1972 Avl RFQ
9523M38P02 screw machine 5305-01-181-1083 Avl RFQ
305-736-100-0 spacer sleeve 5365-01-194-1161 Avl RFQ
305-102-002-0 distributor 2840-01-198-4848 Avl RFQ
301-517-601-0 pump eccentric ring lubricating 2840-01-262-0478 Avl RFQ
305-337-108-0 bracket assembly 5340-01-180-6100 Avl RFQ
1275M37P02-100 shaft turbine aircraft gas turbi 2840-01-627-9910 Avl RFQ
856A5502G04 gage ring master setting 5220-01-234-1115 Avl RFQ
305-357-904-6 boss 2840-01-187-8173 Avl RFQ
301-779-102-0 pump fuel jet engine 2915-01-241-9239 Avl RFQ
J368P04 nut self locking gang channel 5310-01-186-2041 Avl RFQ
856A3345G01 tool bending 5120-01-147-8362 Avl RFQ
301-475-207-6 deflector dirt and liquid 5340-01-182-9745 Avl RFQ
3035-306 cam control 3040-01-195-9658 Avl RFQ
9517M85G01 bracket double angle 5340-01-185-2881 Avl RFQ
305-875-701-0 bushing sleeve 3120-01-342-5499 Avl RFQ
3022M28P01 NA 5342-01-175-9436 Avl RFQ
301-567-609-0 bracket 5342-01-176-1145 Avl RFQ

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